Company profile

Efficiency, honesty, integrity, dependability, passion, enthusiasm and experience.

Cortical is a group of companies with extensive experience in delivering computing solutions to clients active in the financial markets.

Cortical’s philosophy can be summed up in the adjacent maxims – these are what we strive for:

Establish the right kind of client and vendor relationships

- We always deliver
- We are dependable
- We produce optimal and efficient solutions

Only hire and associate with the right kind of people

- Honesty and integrity
- Quick study
- Enthusiasm and passion

Ensure that the people that constitute the Cortical family

- Have goals that are congruent with Cortical’s goals
- Are allowed the scope and space to grow to be the best that they can be

Why choose us?

  • TRUSTWORTHY – All of our staff and representatives maintain the highest possible standards of ethical conduct. You are safe with us.
  • DEPENDABLE – You can depend on us to deliver the best possible service.
  • COMMITTED – We will always give 100 % while dealing with you and your business.
  • TAKE PRIDE – We take pride in what we do and how we do it. Our reputation is very important to us, and we ensure that we deliver excellent service and products to you and your business.
  • NO TIME-WASTING – We will always use our time efficiently so that we can deliver maximum intellectual yield to you.
  • EXPERT RESOURCES – We will provide you with experts who have deep insight into your problem domain.

Would you like to meet us?

Feel free to contact us to discuss your business requirements – we will be delighted to go through the above in more detail
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